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SNAPVU is a social learning environment that can helps Victoria University students. It has been designed by the School of Language and Learning with the help of staff and students, so that students can find resources about learning skills that they want to learn more about.

This platform includes many of the Powerful LMS features, including - login via Victoria University user authentication system, user profiles, forums, blogs, private groups, video, social interaction elements and more.

The site was created in Drupal V6.

Kingdom Builders Wealth Solutions

KB Wealth specializes in wealth solutions. It is an education site for business owners that teaches and informs various principles and values as they relate to wealth.

Jewish Pathways

This is an extensive learning and management system, with multimedia learning content, grading, glossary and social media elements. Site was migrated from Microsoft ASP based proprietary CMS to Drupal. Realization of the all the proprietary features to Drupal and site content migration was managed by Powerful CMS. A key reason was migration from Microsoft proprietary CMS was to scale. This site is hosted in a grid computing environment, used by LinkedIN, called Joyent running Solaris OS.


MyGrowth is a self improvement, self-help and self growth community. This was created using Powerful LMS.