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Property Investing

This was a project for renowned property, investor and business strategist Steve McKnight. Author of the book "0 to 260+ Properties in 7 years" and '$1,000,000 in Property in One Year'. It is a community consisting of forum, blog and ecommerce with a traffic of more than 100,000+ users.

It is also integrated with gamification where users are encouraged to participate and get points based on the usage on the site. The gamification tool used here is Badgeville.


APLS was a complex scheduling that brings various doctors, nurses and other professionals together for training events. The site was built in Drupal V7 with features such as calendar, scheduling automation, payment collection, custom reporting, integrated emails and much more.


SureLane was a complex site that was developed for consumers with the purpose of preparing and organizing their estate plans. It provides the tools to simplify the activities for executors and administrators. The site was built in Drupal V7 and leverages multiple forms and data driven business logic along with ecommerce capabilities.

The site is responsive, which means that it shows differently on different screen sizes upon identifying where the user is coming from.

Jewish Pathways

This is an extensive learning and management system, with multimedia learning content, grading, glossary and social media elements. Site was migrated from Microsoft ASP based proprietary CMS to Drupal. Realization of the all the proprietary features to Drupal and site content migration was managed by Powerful CMS. A key reason was migration from Microsoft proprietary CMS was to scale. This site is hosted in a grid computing environment, used by LinkedIN, called Joyent running Solaris OS.


This site is created with Drupal v5 and contains many social network elements found on youtube, facebook, linkedin and a sophisticated google maps integration with data collected on the site, such as user location, location of premises for rent, buddies, etc.

This site was designed by Acceleration, including all contents. Powerful CMS developed a pixel perfect Drupal CMS to the design specifications from Acceleration, and assisted in the adoption of Drupal CMS for this project.


This is a B2C site that provides the most comprehensive listings of senior communities. The site helps seniors find appropriate living situations and finding housing options regardless of socio-economic status. Features include an extensive Search option, video addition This is in Drupal Version 6.

Mexican Immigration

A directory site for Mexican immigration with many social media elements and massive customization.

The Japanese Page

We converted this site to Drupal CMS from a PhpBB forum and integrated this as a multi language Drupal site with integrated forum, video, audio and social media elements. Currently this site has upwards 50,000+ visitors per day. SEO elements and Drupal integration of social media supported by Powerful CMS in late 2007.