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The Team

Joseph Matthew - Director

As Powerful CMS’s co-founding Director, Joe Matthew oversees operations and continuously nurtures relationships.

Prior to this I was involved in Sales & Marketing Information Technology sector for over 16 years. I had extensive knowledge and experience is gained from his years of experience working for multi-nationals like Dell USA and Microsoft Corporation.

At Dell, I managed parts of the online shopping cart database operations for, managing online transactions of upwards of $60Million daily. At Microsoft, I was responsible for outsourcing a division of Microsoft. Joe holds an MBA from the University of St Edwards, Austin, Texas.

Joe's other interests include golf and time with his family.

Catherine Matthew - Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Kathy is in a relentless quest of creating a business where there is "a global platform that allows more people to plug and play, collaborate and compete, share knowledge and share work". She is constantly trying to find new and interesting ways to stand out and break current boundaries within the industry. Catherine also plays a significant role in the company’s strategy and hiring.

Prior to Powerful CMS, Catherine was with Citibank, ANZ and Microsoft Corporation in the Human Resources Department. Catherine holds a Masters in Commerce degree. In her spare time, she reads books, watches movies and is a devoted mother.

Vani Halapeti - Management Accountant

Vani advises us on all finance related matters. She comes armed with a huge wealth of knowledge, boundless energy and the ability to create the conditions for our team’s success.

A diverse history, starting from being a financial advisor to various organizations, Vani is a Chartered Accountant by profession. She has hands-on experience in financial management, financial accounting, management reporting, budgeting and forecasting, cash and treasury management and other areas related to finance. She constantly seeks new challenges to put to use her strong interpersonal, communication, organization and analytical skills.

She helps us grow, nurture our vision and helps us maintain a code of ethics – integrity, objectivity, professional competence and care, confidentiality and professional behavior in all the matters we deal in.

When not working, Vani loves to cook and spend time with her son.

Sergei Stryukov - Technical Architect

Sergei Stryukov has a substantial and proven record of accomplishment in the Information Technology industry. With over a decade of experience, Sergei has made a point of staying abreast with the latest computer and technology advances through training programs and motivated self-education.

As Technical Architect, Sergei provides clear technology solutions for our clients and mentors and guides our team. Since joining Powerful CMS, Sergei has worked successfully on a number of technological projects and he has always made customer satisfaction, team development and experience improvement his top concern.

When not working, Sergei loves to spend time with his family and play on "Magic: The Gathering" with his friends.

Alfren Enriquez - CSS Expert

Alfren Enriquez joined the company in the initial stages of its formation in 2006 and has played a major role in the growth of the company ever since. No matter how complex and challenging a task is, Alfren will get the job done well and promptly. He is a result oriented individual with vast knowledge and expertise in working with most technology environments.

Alfren is a self-learner and calmly deals with multiple projects, large workloads and high-pressure deadlines to provide consistent and dependable service.

When he is not busy, Alfren loves to play basketball, playing the guitar and watching movies.

Reza K - System Administrator

Reza is a self-motivated and hard working person with technical experiences in Computer Networking and web programming. He likes challenging himself to try new technologies, and won't give up easily especially when facing difficulties. He is also a dedicated developer who takes full responsibility for any given tasks.

As System Administrator, Reza is responsible for preparing the backend technology of operating systems, databases, and provides the core system environments for Drupal's development. The various experiences as system analyst in the past also help him to provide a stable, secure, and scalable system for the company.

When he is not busy, Reza loves to play football, reading books, and watching movies.

Huynh Cao Ky (Oliver) - Senior Developer

From taking a problem and never resting until its solved, Oliver has been there and seen it all. Oliver brings skills, expertise and commitment that puts our team to the highest level. He loves challenges and likes working under high pressure.

Having completed his degree in Bachelors in Telecommunication, Oliver is responsible for development and quality control.

When not working, he loves to travel, play football, watch movies and read books.

Unni Krishnan - Designer

Unni Krishnan, fulfills the saying famous quote by G.B.Shaw, "You see things, and you say: 'Why?' But I dream things that never were, and I say 'Why not?'. As part of our design team, Unni focuses on creating and making client's dreams come true in colors, graphics and animations.

From his childhood, he has been interested in drawing, painting and anything to do with art. After completing his graduation, he joined a graphic course and completed Graphic designing, Web designing and development and 3D Animation.

Unni started his career in an Advertising firm, gained immense amount of experience there while continuing with his studies. Armed with the knowledge of Advertising, Unni helps businesses tap in to the technological trends of the Internet and creating unique designs that work 24x7x365 aimed at the right target market.

When not working Unni who loves nature spends time taking nature photography, travelling and riding his bike.

Eugen Olteanu - Senior System Administrator

Eugen has extensive experiences in Linux/Unix server setup/configuration/management with advanced deployment cases such as clustered fail over server setups. Highly knowledgeable in security area: server hardening, intrusion detection, forensic analysis, VPNs, firewalls, proxies, antivirus gateways, spam filters. He has practical experiences with backup, restore and disaster recovery plans and remote server monitoring.

He has practical experiences with many web technologies and software such as Cpanel, Plesk, Amazon EC2 and S3 etc. And also performs server management and server monitoring for several customers. When not working, he loves to travel and cycle.

Nguyen Duy Hai - Developer

Hai is our all rounder, developer extraordinaire with CSS expertise. Hai is the front end developer of our team and works at lightning speed delivering quality work to our clients. When not working, Hai loves to travel and spend time with his family.

Tu Phan - Senior Developer

Tu Phan is our resident Theming Ninja. He has experiences in various technologies like PHP and .NET. After doing his Bachelor of Information Technology, he had various stints in large technology companies before he joined us.

When not working, he loves to travel and listening to music.

Stefan Ungurean - Senior Developer

Stefan is a Senior developer with many years of experience in web development.

He has developed and maintained highly customised Drupal sites, including writing new modules based on the needs of the site. Chief amongst his work are an advisor website for mutual funds investments , a portal for an important brokerage company , including real time stocks and securities data display and a heavy traffic Drupal solution ( using distributed data , load balanced servers and SOLR/Lucene technology)

When not working, Stefan loves to play soccer and fishing.